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Valerie Cavazos

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ricky Jackie There are no words to express how proud and excited I am for the both of you. I look forward to sharing this amazing day with you both. All my love Nina

Felipe Ruiz Jr

Saturday, December 17, 2016

"We didn't get drrressed up forr nothin"


Friday, December 16, 2016

Congratulations! I wish you nothing but the best. I am looking forward to your big day.

Carolyn and Anthony

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This is very beautiful!! Congratulations and we can't wait til the big day! Looking forward it.

Thank you! I am excited to hear you will be able to make it. And we can't see your answers, but thanks for answering the polls :)

-Jackie and Ricky


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Congratulations guys, lovely stories, we wish you a happy married life and when you find yourselves unable to go on turn to God for strength after all he brought the two of you together!

Thanks a lot guys:) We really appreciate your advice.

-Jackie and Ricky

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Congratulations on your wedsite! We are honored to be a part of your special day. Thank you for choosing to share your wedding plans and experiences with your friends and family.

Our Wedding


Who do you think has the most probable "Our Story"?

What was the first gift Jackie gave to Ricky?

What was the first gift Ricky gave to Jackie?

What were Jackie and Ricky's final grades in the Philosophy class they met in?

What pizza topping do the bride and groom BOTH hate?

Which of the following places is highest on the bride and groom's bucket list?

What was the first sport Ricky started playing?

What was Jackie's favorite book as a child?

If Ricky is meeting you for lunch at 3pm, what time will he most likely be there?

If Jackie is meeting you for lunch at 3pm, what time will she most likely be there?

Who will cry at the wedding first?

Which Disney prince and princess do the bride and groom like best?

In another life, Jackie would have been...

Our Wedding


Kohl's Registry

To go to our Kohls registry, click here.

You can look up our registry using:

Our registry number: 3225407


Our names: Jacqueline or Ricky

Please make sure to login with our registry number so we can keep track of any gifts bought.

Honeymoon Gifts

Thanks to Ricky's exceptional planning skills, we are lucky to be spending a week at Disneyworld for our honeymoon. If you would like additional options to the gifts in the two registries above, you can chose to give a gift contribution to some of the exciting meals we are planning to have at Disneyworld. Along with our thanks, we will also be happy to send a personal picture of us as at the restaurant you have contributed to.

Thank you,

Jackie and Ricky

Chip 'n' Dale's Harvest Feast Breakfast at The Garden Grill


We plan on enjoying our time at Disney World, and that means sleeping in. However, we did want to have at least one special breakfast, and that will be the Garden Grill Harvest Feast Breakfast!! This is an all you can eat character breakfast and is located in EPCOT. The scenery in front of your table changes as the restaurant slowly spins in a complete circle. Not only does this look to be an amazing breakfast, but it allows us to get into EPCOT before the park opens so that when we finish eating, we can be first in lines to the rides!!!

Tutto Italia Ristorante


The Tutto Italia Ristorante is one of the highest rated Italian restaurant at Disney World. If you know Jackie, you know she loves italian food, so having a special italian lunch was a must on this trip. After all the research, we picked the Tutto Italia Ristorante in EPCOT and the food looks amazing!!!

San Angel Inn


Hola!!! We look foward to revisiting our spanish roots at the unique and ambiant San Angel Inn. It is located inside of a pyramid and made to feel like an old mexican village at night along the river. There is an ancient aztec temple in the distance, along with an active volcano that erupts! There is also a river flowing through the restaurant where boats with disney guests riding the Grand Fieste Tour ride float by. The San Angel Inn is said to have one of the best restaurant atmospheres in all Disney World, and we cant wait to try it out!!!

Fairytale Dining Lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table

$50 Groom

$50 Bride

When we found out there was a restaurant inside of Cinderella's castle, it instantly became a must do on our honeymoon. The design of the restaurant is intended to make guests feel like royalty, as Cinderella and other disney princesses stop by each table to talk and take pictures during your meal. It will truly be an unforgettable experience. This will be the last restaurant we dine at and feel it's the perfect way to cap off our honeymoon at Disney World!!!

Our Wedding

Wedding Party

Jackie Castro


Ricky Cavazos


Darlene Castro

Maid of Honor

Bride's younger sister

Ivette Castro

Maid of Honor

Bride's older sister

Juan Carlos Cavazos Jr.

Best Man

Groom's older brother

Andy Lamorena


Groom's cousin

Our Wedding


Wedding Ceremony

Saturday, December 17, 2016 - 1:30 pm

St. John XXIII Church
7650 Tamarind Ave.
Fontana, CA 92336

Wedding Reception

Saturday, December 17, 2016 - 4:30 pm

Chaffey College Chino Community Center
5890 College Park Avenue
Chino, CA 91710

About Us

Our Family- Cavazos

Groom's Family (Click arrows next to picture to see others)

Cavazos Family

Bottom left to right:

Jenny(Sister), Michele(Mom), Corina(Sister)

Top left to right:

Ricky, Juan Carlos Sr.(Dad), Juan Carlos Jr.(Brother)

Corina and Family

Bottom left to right:

Michael (Mikey), Samuel (Sammy)

Top left to right:

Daniel, Corina, Mike

Juan Carlos Jr. and Family

Left to right:

Raquel, Chloe, Stella, Juan Carlos Jr.

About Us

Our Family- Castros

Bride's Family

Castro Family

Left to right:

Mercedes(Mom), Ivette(Sister), Miguel(Dad), Darlene(Sister), Yolanda(Grandma)

About Us

As told by Jackie

Where to start…

I met Ricky in a philosophy of ethics course at Chaffey Community College. We were both a year away from transferring. A couple of weeks into class, we began discussing the ethics behind the “Trolley problem”. To sum it up, the “Trolley problem” asks you to (1) allow a train to hit a large group of people, or (2) pull a lever that moves the train in the direction of a single person. Naturally, I thought most would agree not to pull the lever, because then you would be directly involved this poor person’s death. Anyways, when it came time to share our answers, our professor asked those of us who wouldn’t pull the lever to raise our hands. To my surprise, he said, “okay three people here wouldn’t pull the lever”. Shocked, I looked around to see who (in my mind) were the other two moral people in the room. Sure enough, the guy next to me had his hand high in the air, it was Ricky. Although I had seen, and even talked to Ricky before during a group discussion, that was the first time I truly acknowledged him. Ricky sat in that same seat since day two of our classes, but being me, I didn’t feel the need to ever make conservation before.

In the weeks that followed, we occasionally said hi, and sometimes I would see him waiting outside before class started. Soon I found out that Ricky was an accounting major, and from then on he was the “accounting guy”. Slowly thereafter, we started talking about our classes, our majors, and he seemed particularly excited to talk about his future trip to Alaska. He was traveling in February of the following year to help some local villagers file their taxes. Maybe he was nervous, but excitedly, he said he had told his geography professor that he had never been out of the country before. It wasn’t long before he realized that Alaska is a US state. I remember laughing so hard, and I found it myself surprised by the humor of this serious and militant looking guy. The weeks continued to go by and we talked more often; it was easy talking to Ricky. Although I was surprised when I began to feel him slightly closer to my chair than usual. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe someone left it like that from the previous class (for a couple of weeks). Towards the end of the semester I remember Ricky and I laughing at our professor’s seemingly never-ending witty comments during student presentations. No one seemed to find these comments as funny as Ricky and I did, or maybe we weren’t noticing.

One day, our professor ended class early. Somehow I mentioned to Ricky that I didn’t want to ever have kids, or be married for that manner, and Ricky then asked if we could talk since we got out early. We found ourselves sitting on a bench near the library. We talked for what seemed like hours about our beliefs, our past, families, and our future goals. Then, in the sweetest way possible, he told me that he liked me. Surprised by his forwardness, I quickly said thank you, but that I liked him a friend (which I think I meant). He asked if maybe I wanted to get ice cream sometime, but I said no (I explained to him my general distrust in guys, and my disbelief in marriage nowadays), but I could tell he wasn’t convinced. In the end however, he said okay. We continued to see each other in class, and I appreciated that he went right back to being friendly. The semester finished, and that was the last I time I thought I would see him.

When school started again, I occasionally saw him around the library where I spent time studying and he worked as a tutor. One day I spotted him in the library and decided to sit next to him (I wasn’t sure why at the time). I waited as the computer logged me in, but he didn’t look my direction. As I started doing my work, I finally noticed his head turning. As he did a speedy double take, and with a smile I could never forget, he said hi, and I said hi. It was that initial encounter that led to us building a close friendship.

Ricky’s honesty and caring personality made it so easy to be his friend. I suppose now is a good time to say the main part where were we jokingly differ in our stories, is that Ricky will surely insist that I gave him endless signs that I liked him. In my mind, I was just being friendly. I will mention that he very unsubtly gave me his number to contact him for “emergencies” while he was in Alaska. Again, I don’t know why, but I text him a few days later, before he left, and wished him a safe flight. After that, we continued to text throughout the months that followed.

I always appreciated that he had made sure we never had an awkward moment after I said no to getting ice cream. Admittedly though, Ricky realized I liked him before I did. Still, one of the best things about Ricky was that he gave me time to understand my feelings. As I recall it, it was my youngest sister Darlene who first told me to really reflect if this friendship meant more to me than I even realized. In the cutest way possible she said my defensive walls against relationships were like the walls of Berlin. I made it a point to remind Darlene that the wall was torn down in 1989. With all the wit that she has, she said “exactly, knock down your walls the same way” (yeah that’s Darlene for you). I didn’t know it then, but looking back, I see now that I made the effort to stay friends with Ricky because I knew I had met the most charming, caring, funniest, and most respectful of guys. Something in me subconsciously knew that I had found my partner for life. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I found myself liking Ricky more than I initially thought. That inability to pinpoint the exact moment he captured my heart is one of the things I love about our relationship, that it was built on a foundation of strong friends first.

During that last semester at Chaffey, I let myself acknowledge that Ricky had an incredibly loving heart. So, I finally admitted that I liked him, something everyone else already knew. In June of 2013, he asked me out again, and this time I couldn’t let myself say no. A little over three years later, I sit here as the most charmed and loved fiancé, and excited to start a new future with my best friend.

About Us

As told by Ricky

I remember our story as if it was yesterday.

We met in our Honors Philosophy class. The first day of class I sat on the opposite side of the room from Jackie, however I didn't like this spot so the next class session I chose to sit in a different seat, and the only available seat was next to her. It was at the end of the row which meant she was to my left, and there was nobody to my right, so she was the only person I could talk to during class (not that I'm known for talking during class). She was definitely the quiet type, so we didn't actually start talking right away. It wasn't until we had to work as a group that we began to talk.

As the weeks went by we slowly began talking just a tiny bit more, as well as saying hi to each other while waiting outside the class before it would start. I'm a person who is almost always early but certainly always on time, so seeing that she was also an early person made me believe she was definitely a disciplined girl and serious about her school work. But she didn't smile too much, and definitely didn't make any attempt to be social with me or anyone, however she was very sweet and kind whenever she would talk. Although it might be hard to believe, I was a very shy person growing up for most of my life. So because of that, I can very easily recognize someone who is completely not a social person and doesn't like to talk to anyone, or someone who is just shy and needs to feel comfortable with someone before they can show their social side. If you know Jackie, then you know it doesn't take long to realize that she is genuinely one of the sweetest, kindest, most purest hearts you will ever meet. At that time in my life, I truly believed (and wanted) to stay single my whole life. I didn't have enough trust in someone to trust them with my life for the rest of my life. I knew I would miss out on loving someone, however I was content with still having family, friends, and finding happiness in many other ways (which I do believe people can do.) So to get back to my point, I was not looking to have a relationship with anyone. But as time continued to go by, I couldn't help but start realizing what an amazing girl she was, and what a nice friend she would be to have, an honest friend. I began to initiate more conversations with her (because I knew she would never initiate a conversation with me), and our friendship slowly began to grow, but still limited to class times.

During this time, I can kinda remember feeling like she began to move her chair closer and closer to me every class (or maybe it was me moving closer to her, but who really knows), however I didn't mind. It was until about 3/4 into the school semester that I was sitting in class next to her, looked at her for a few seconds, and began to think, "Am I beginning to like this girl?". And then my next question was, "What is there not to like about her?" I didn't come to an exact conclusion that day, but as time went on I was definitely trying to get to know her more, and looking forward to seeing her.

A few weeks before the semester ended, the class was required to give presentations. During these presentations is when I knew I had feelings for her. Some of the other students had some very unusual presentations, and me and Jackie shared a bunch of laughs (under our breath) during this time, which is something I'll always remember. She was even initiating conversations with me during class that actually led to us getting in a slight bit of trouble (or maybe I got her in trouble, but again, who really knows.) This may have been the first time in her life getting in trouble for talking, but it was nothing new to me, so I was fine with it (I forgive you dear.) After that day, I went home and thought for a long time, and came to the conclusion that I'm just going to tell her that I like her. I honestly didn't think she was going to like me back, however I thought to myself that if I was going to be turned down by any girl, I would want it to be her, because to me she was the greatest girl I knew. So the following week (or maybe the week after, can't really remember), class ended early and I asked if I could talk with her after class, and she said yes. We sat at some tables outside the Chaffey library, and I was more nervous than I can ever remember. But I slowly began to just tell her that I liked her, and the reasons I liked her. My nerves were so bad that day that I really don't even remember exactly what I said, I feel like I blacked out. However, I do remember her response, and it was, "Thanks, but I only like you as a friend", or something along those lines, but either way she turned me down. Her reasoning was because she said she never envisioned herself getting married, and that she just didn't trust guys enough nowadays to trust them to be loyal and loving forever. Now this was exactly the way I had always felt, and I told her that, however I don't think she believed me too much. We talked for a bit after that, although I really don't remember much of what was said. Actually.... I remember asking her to maybe at least go for some ice-cream (not a date) and talk, but she turned me down for that as well. So after the talk, it was a bit awkward, but we agreed to still be friends.

After that semester ended a few weeks later, I didn't really think I would talk or see her again. But the next semester, she approached me in the library to say hi. Now, part of me thought, "Why would you go up to the person you turned down, and surprise them out of nowhere with a big Hi, if you didn't like them back?" But I didn't think much of it so I just continued to talk with her. I mentioned to her that I would be going to Alaska the following day to do taxes. I gave her my itinerary and my phone number (strictly professional) just in case I got stranded in Alaska so she could give me a call and possibly know where to find me. I don't think she believed me that it was just for emergency purposes (which it was), but she was sweet enough to just say okay. To my surprise that night, she sent me a text message. She wanted to wish me a safe trip. Again though, I felt like why would she send me this text tonight if she didn't like me? Either way I said thanks for text. While in Alaska I bought her a little pen as a gift. I gave it to her when I returned.

To make a long story short, we began to talk and text after that very frequently. It got to the point where I was convinced that she had now liked me. However, when I asked her if her feelings had changed, she said "No," and that we were still only friends. I said okay. After that we continued to talk and text even more frequently, which made me ask her again if her feelings had changed, and if there was ever a chance she would consider having a boyfriend even it wasn't me. She said probably not, and that there was only a 0.0001 percent chance she would have a boyfriend. At this point I knew her feelings had changed, even if she didn't want to admit. So regardless, we continued to text and talk and eventually she said the 0.0001 percent turned into 0.0003 percent. Since this story is getting too long for this website, I will just say many texts and talks continued to happen, and we had our first non-date meeting outside of school. It was to meet up and do homework at Rancho Cucamonga library, and her sister Ivette needed to be there also. Ivette was also in my math class at the time, but we didn't really talk much at the time. Ivette is a great person and we would eventually become good friends, accounting majors, recruiting mates, tax preparation partners, and now brother/sister in laws.

But back to the story, that was our first non-date (but pretty much a date). There we did homework for a bit, then had some time to talk alone. We talked about us, our families, and other things. During this talk is when I knew that we were going to eventually be together one day. A few weeks later (or months, I cant really remember), we would have our first real date. It was then on June 11, 2013 that I asked her to be my girlfriend. She accepted. I went on to also ask her parents for permission to be with her. They gave me a good talk of who they were, their values, and what their family represented. After that they very respectfully agreed. We've had an amazing relationship ever since. I may have told this story slightly more different to others, however this is the absolute truthful story of my knowledge.

About Us

Our Story

For some time, Ricky and Jackie have struggled to come to a consensus on how their love actually came to be. Continue onto the next pages to find out how the groom and bride distinctly remember their love growing. When you are done, you can move to the Polls section and let us know who you think has the most probable story...

About Us

The Bride and Groom

Favorite physical attribute of your soon-to-be spouse?

RICKY: Her cheeks

JACKIE: His eyes

Favorite personality trait of your soon-to-be spouse?

RICKY: She’s just funny, and incredibly loving

JACKIE: His patience and his humor

If you could describe your soon-to-be spouse in one word, what would it be?

RICKY: Perfect

JACKIE: Charming

What vegetable do you hate?

RICKY: Squash

JACKIE: Asparagus

Have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper?

RICKY: Yes, a few times.

JACKIE: Yes, once.

If you could live in any other state for 2 years where would you go?

RICKY: Texas

JACKIE: Washington

If you could see 24 hours into the future what would you do with this ability?

RICKY: Make winning sports bets.

JACKIE: Tell people to say "I love you" more often.

What makes you laugh?

RICKY: Animals

JACKIE: (Who) My grandma and Darlene

What exotic pet would you like to have?

RICKY: Monkey


Who taught you to cook?

RICKY: I can’t cook

JACKIE: My mom and grandma

What do you miss from your childhood?

RICKY: Eating whatever I wanted without gaining weight

JACKIE: Family parties

What was your favorite food when you were a child?

RICKY: Pizza (still is). Cheeseburgers are a close second.

JACKIE: Nachos

What is one of your favorite quotes?

RICKY: “By going that one more round, when you don’t think you can, that’s what makes all the difference in your life” - Rocky

JACKIE: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

RICKY: Cleaning the shower and toilet

JACKIE: I like chores.

Favorite sports teams?

RICKY: Dallas Cowboys, Lakers, Dodgers, Kings

JACKIE: Sports? Right…. Maybe I will be an adopted Cowboys fan...

Favorite color?



If you were stranded on a deserted island, what one thing would you need?

RICKY: The complete set of Rocky movies

JACKIE: The books on Mr. Darcy’s point of view of Pride and Prejudice.

Favorite movie?

RICKY: Rocky (All of them)

JACKIE: A Walk to Remember

Favorite movie character/s

RICKY: Rocky, William Wallace (Braveheart), Doc Holiday (Tombstone), Rambo, Apollo Creed (Rocky)

JACKIE: Mr. Darcy

Words that describe you using the letters of your name:

RICKY: Relentless, Indecisive, Cheese lover, Kind, Dallas CowboY

JACKIE: Joyful, Academic, Considerate, Klutzy, Ice cream lover, Ernest

What was your favorite subject in school growing up?

RICKY: Physical Education (P.E.)

JACKIE: History

What is your favorite flavor of jelly beans?

RICKY: Depends, are we talking Jelly Belly’s?

JACKIE: The red one?

Which flavor of ice-cream do you prefer?

RICKY: Cookies n Cream

JACKIE: vanilla, vanilla, vanilla

Do you play a musical instrument, if so which one(s)?


JACKIE: I used to play the piano

What is your favorite season?

RICKY: Winter (Christmas)


What is your favorite home cooked meal?

RICKY: Can’t decide

JACKIE: My abuelita’s bread

How many siblings do you have?



What is your favorite snack?

RICKY: Doritos chips

JACKIE: Carrots and hummus

Are you ticklish?


JACKIE: Yes, way too much.

Were you named after anyone?

RICKY: I don’t think so

JACKIE: My middle name is after La Virgen de Guadalupe

When did you last visit the zoo?

RICKY: The last time I went with Jackie to the San Diego Zoo

JACKIE: Two years ago when Ricky and I went to the San Diego Zoo.

Have you ever been horseback riding?

RICKY: Yes, about 10 years ago in New Mexico and probably won’t try it again.

JACKIE: Yes, the last time was in El Salvador when I was twelve.

Can you change a tire?


JACKIE: Theoretically, yes. In reality, no…

Which family member do you most resemble (physically)?

RICKY: My brother

JACKIE: My little sister Darlene

Which family member are you more like(personality)?

RICKY: My dad

JACKIE: My dad

What is your favorite fruit?

RICKY: Mango

JACKIE: Mangos and oranges

What is your favorite cereal?

RICKY: Too hard to decide (Cinnamon toast crunch, Cookie Crisp, Fruity Pebbles, Cap’n Crunch, Lucky Charms)

JACKIE: Honey Bunches of Oats

What is the longest car trip you have ever taken?

RICKY: 12 hours to New Mexico

JACKIE: Our family trip to Texas- 24 hours…

Have you ever cut your own hair?

RICKY: Yes, plenty of times

JACKIE: Yes, almost every time for the last 4 years.

Things you’re most proud of?

RICKY: My family and what we stand for, my parents and what they’ve accomplished, my own academic accomplishments, my circle of friends, my Team Olympia, my determination to persevere, my soon to be wife for what she’s accomplishing academically.

JACKIE: My parents for having the courage to start a new life in the US when they were teens, my sister Ivette for always pushing to make her aspirations a reality, my little sister Darlene for always smiling at life even when things get difficult, my grandma, my beliefs, being a good person, my sweet Ricky for all the success he has accomplished.

Things you’re most thankful for?

RICKY: The way my parents raised me, my career, a great older brother, great younger sisters, seeing the Lakers win a championship and the Dallas Cowboys win a super bowl in my lifetime, Kevin Erdkamp (my mentor) for all his help and guidance throughout college, Mercedes and Miguel Castro for raising such an amazing girl in Jackie, the Castro family for showing me nothing but respect from the moment I met them, Jackie for trusting me with her heart on June 11, 2013.

JACKIE: The values my parents instilled in me, my godparents for being two amazing people and for being the best support system I could ask for, my grandma who has taught me the importance of being thankful to God, my cousins Jona and Marvin for being the crazy brothers I never had, being lucky enough to have found Ricky, Mr. and Mrs. Cavazos for always making me smile, the entire Cavazos family for being some of the most genuinely kind and caring people I have the blessing of knowing, Ricky for sitting next to me in class and starting a love I could have never imaged possible.


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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Don't be afraid to answer our poll questions. In case you were wondering, we don't see the names of people who vote, only percentages. Thanks!

Jacqueline and Ricky launch wedsite!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jacqueline Castro and Ricky Cavazos launch their personal wedsite at



Welcome! We created this space as a special way for friends and family to participate and celebrate with us - anytime, from anywhere. We hope you enjoy browsing these pages for photos and stories about us and our future plans. And while you are here, please sign our guestbook and answer our wedding poll questions!!!



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Ricky & Jackie

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